It is important to review your pensions.  Ideally, one should start at 18 years old although starting anytime after is better than not thinking about it at all.  Everyone has a lifetime pension allowance of 1 million pounds after which pension contributions are taxable by the Inland Revenue. As part of tax planning, it is vital that you
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We are happy to act on your behalf in respect of Lasting Powers of Attorneys.


We are happy to act on your behalf in respect of leases including granting a new lease, assignments and surrenders.


Simple Wills £85 each reduced from £126, Complex Wills £154 reduced from £195. Appointments also available on weekends.  Call now! to make an appointment now. Tel: 0118 9590153

Commercial property – Inland Revenue update –

The Inland Revenue has changed it’s view that VAT treatment of buildings formed from more than one dwelling Following the case of  Catchpole v HMRC [2012] UKFTT 309 (TC) and Fox v HMRC [2012], the Inland Revenue now accepts that more than one building can comprise a single dwelling, provided that the buildings are designed to function together
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